Poverty in Palestine

There are thousands living under the poverty line due to the violence in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Palestinians in East Jerusalem suffer from poverty, fewer working opportunities, very complicated Israeli procedures. The violence in the west bank and Jerusalem affected the economy badly, so thousands of people there lived under the poverty line.

Hayat Humanitarian Aid worked with a trusted charity to help people in different Areas.

In Ramadan, we provided 200 food parcels, Zakat Al-Fitr, £2000 Zakat given to low-income families, and we supplied 100 packages of Stationery.

We are supporting those people through charity work, and we are looking for your support.

Many Palestinian families in Jerusalem rely on foreign visitors to bring them Zakat, but the current pandemic has limited travel, leaving communities in desperate need.

For a month, £50 will help one family meet their basic needs. This includes things like food, medications, and bills. Alhamdulillah, we are even delivering Zakat directly to people’s doors if they are unable to leave their homes.