Ramadan Daily Giving

You can now automate your daily donations so that you don't miss out on the Ajjar

Schedule your Ramadan Donations with My Ten Nights

This year, Hayat Humanitarian Aid is collaborating with My Ten Nights to ensure that you can continue to give your Zakat or Sadaqah during the last ten nights of Ramadan and that you don’t miss out on Laylut al Qadr. Let us assist you in making your life a little easier.

The first ten days of Ramadan are when Muslims pray to Allah for mercy and blessings, and the last ten nights of Ramadan are when Allah shows mercy, according to the Islamic calendar.

The last ten nights of Ramadan 2022 are set aside for reciting the Qur’an, reflecting on its meanings, and self-reflection. During these final days and nights, there is a lot to do.

On the final nights of Ramadan, you should devote all of your energy to connecting with Allah, but it’s critical that you don’t overlook the opportunity to donate your Zakat and charity payments if you want to maximise the blessings and rewards bestowed upon you on these nights and on the Night of Power. Automate your payments with My Ten Nights and Hayat Humanitarian Aid to ensure you can connect with Allah and get the most out of your donations.