Rehabilitation Centre

Construction of a rehabilitation centre for people with intellectual disabilities and people with special needs in Al-Zawaida village in the Gaza Strip.

Protecting families with disabled persons by purchasing a plot of land and constructing a school to provide education and psychosocial services for persons with special needs and orphans, this service aims to enable their inclusion in their society and lead their lives.

We work in the most complex location in the world, the Gaza Strip, A person with special needs is born with a handicap that impedes him from practising his everyday life, whether intellectual, nervous or sensory deficiencies. This disability prevents him from full and effective participation in society.

People with special needs have problems with body functions, difficulty in movement, and carrying out activities, so they need help from someone who takes care of them and takes care of them, and they must have health care to practice their everyday life.

Hayat Humanitarian Aid Charity launches a campaign to establish a school that provides education and psychosocial services to people with special needs and the disabled in two phases. The first stage is the purchase of a plot of land with an area of 1000 m2 at an estimated cost of $91000; according to Hayat Humanitarian Aid contributes half of the amount of $45,500 to enable us to purchase the plot. The second phase is the construction of a specialized building with an area of 400m2 to serve 500 students from families with disabilities, while the second phase will be held after the success of the first campaign.